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ma.Job HubFor Brilliant NZ Marketers

The New Zealand Marketing Association’s Job Hub is an initiative to help marketers and agency personnel connect with potential employers. MA Job Hub is also designed for organisations to connect with qualified job hunters.

To bring this service to you, the Marketing Association (MA) has partnered with US Based software provider, Community Brands, using their YM Careers (YourMembership) software.

YM Careers is the industry leader and is widely regarded as a trusted career centre platform. It has been around for more than 20 years. The software powers the largest association job board network in the world.

Organisations like the NZ Marketing Association (MA) use YM Careers to provide a valuable member service and generate revenue by helping marketing industry employers find the right people for the right roles.

When you use Job Hub services you will be communicating through the Community Brands US-based website and it will be YM Careers (YourMembership) that issues the receipts. The MA is confident that the privacy policy and business ethics of Community Brands and YM Careers meets the best practise standards of NZ based organisations.